In the realm of air freight logistics, Bevo Flores stands as a beacon of precision. Our air freight services embody efficiency, reliability, and a committment to navigating the complexities of logistics with utmost clarity.

Trust Bevo Flores to elevate your cargo, ensuring it reaches its destination swiftly and securely. Welcome to a realm where meticulousness meets the skies – welcome to Bevo Flores Air Freight.


Services provided by Bevo Flores before flight:

  1. Freight consolidation: Efficiently gather and package items for shipment.
  2. Custom packaging solutions: Tailored packaging to ensure safe transportation of goods.
  3. Documentation assistance: Guidance with necessary paperwork and documentation.
  4. Cargo handling and loading: Expert handling and loading of cargo onto aircraft.
  5. Warehousing facilities: Secure storage facilities for goods awaiting shipment.
  6. Cold room storage: Specialized refrigerated storage options for temperature-sensitive cargo.

Additionally, we offer charter services for personalized air transportation solutions tailored to your needs.

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